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Monday, January 8, 2007

I had lots of homework today, but screw that! ~Laughs~ I'm going to watch Toonami Jetstream right now. Oh yeah, if your name isn't on my buddy list or if you think my site changed a little bit, it happened last night. I was trying to fix my friend's layout but I can't go on two accounts at a time so... yeah. I hadda put up my old code and stuff so things should like like normal around later today.

Uhm, answer questions? ^_^

[1] How much homework do you have today?
[2] Who/What are you obssessed with now. [Something to do with anime.]
[3] Do you like water? o.O (Random Question)
[4] What do you wanna do right now?
[5] Do you have snow in the area you live in?

Okayyyyy! That's all fer today! I might finish my FreeWebs site by the end of the week? Maybe. ^_^

Have a Awesomely Radical Day!! =^_^=

Peace, Love, And Stuff~!


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