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Sunday, January 7, 2007

Oh Em Gee!! I got my cousin the present! Guess what it is?! o.O It's my all time favorite anime, Naruto!! Yahh, I gpt him the 12th Volume Manga. Yayy! And I haven't wrapped presents since like, 4th grade. Ahaha. It took me at least an half an hour to get the wrapping paper even. Then I couldn't find tape so I hadda use my special ones.

Besides getting my cousin the manga, I got myself a MAR Manga!! WOOO!!! But I already saw that part on YouTube but it's the highest volume they had so I got it.. Maybe I shoulda gotten myself a Naruot Copy... Hmmm, I'll go to the book store again ...... someday who knows when! Ahaha. ~Laughs!~

I'm like more than half way though finishing my site. But I'll probably be gone the whole day today. Errr I'm writing a post at 1:15 AM in the morning and I'll be leaving house around 12 PM... maybe I should get some sleep. I AM pretty tired. Lol. ^_^ Answer some questions for me?:

1] Do you have a spring break?
2] Any state tests coming up? [For School]
3] When is your birthday?
4] McDonalds or Burger King?
5]Fullmetal Alchemist or Death Note?
6]Ever gotton a sunburn?


My Answers:

1] Yahh last week of February! WOOO!
2] Yupp ELA and some other ones I think.
3] November 25th ^_^ Saggitarrius Baby! ~Laughs~
4] Ahhh both I can't choose.
5] Uhmmm never seen/read Death Note. So FMA! I read the first volume of FMA. It was raddddddddical! (I just randomly made up the question with random anime.)
6] Nope never ever. I just get tan I don't get a sunburn. Haha, lucky me. Sorry about your painful sunburn demon dragon! Hope you feel better. ^_^

So yahh, answered my quesitons, thirsty like HELL! 9.tailed:Neko is crazy over my layout~! ^_^ I have a bottle of water in front of me right now and I'm still thirsty! ~Takes A Drink and 5 Seconds Later~ Still thirsty! Ya know what?~ I'm going to bed. G`night buddies~! ~Yawns and goes to sleep~

Peace, Love, and Stuff.`<3


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