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Thursday, August 9, 2007

Summer Life So Far ...
I have been pretty good so far. If the heat and humidity could just cool off more, it wouldn't be hell everyday. -___- I actually don't know what to talk about right now. Hehe XD I don't know if this is gonna be short or long.. Well, here it goes!

So far in Marching Band, it's been awesome. I mean, we're all starting to memorize our music. I play in the Auxilary Percussion.. which is things like the wood block, triangle, cymbals, wind chimes, & the GONG! Yes, the gong is very asian. =D By the way, if you guys are wondering, our theme this season is The Phantom of the Opera. ^_^ So, we'll be playing songs from that broadway show.

Also, new wallpaper! My procrastination is still very strong ... but I manage to dig up some pictures of Gaara and turn it into an wallpaper. This wallpaper was especially made for Shadow Prince. :D Of course, everyone else can download it, too! ^_~ Finally! Remember how I said I would make a Gaara wallpaper like more than a month ago or so? Yes, here it is!:

Well, this post isn't that long.... or is it? o.O Sorry if I haven't commented or keep in touch with you guys. I'll try when I'm done procrastinating(when will that be? o.O). ~Laughs~ Well, I'm gonna get off now. Ja Ne!` ~ Peace!


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