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Friday, July 27, 2007

I'm Actually Updating?! OoO'
Aha at that face. ^^ I was trying to make the capital O the eyes and the small O the mouth. Ehh, well I'm updating! Suprisingly. I'm having a good summer. But, I'm staying home too often and haven't gone to the beach yet.. -___- On the bright side, I have Marching Band! =^_^= It's fun and exciting, except standing outside in a position where we can't move (Practice for marching and positions). Well, my Naruto playlist up there has more than 20 more songs, I think 25. Check them out whenever you can! I'll see when I can make more wallpapers. ~Sighs~ Well, I'm gonna get off. My computer's fan makes this loud noise you can hear all the way from the kitchen. Grrr... I hate it. >:X Ja Ne!` ~ Peace!


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