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Monday, June 25, 2007

Yes, I know I haven't updated for a long time. I've been on the computer everyday but I just didn't know what to write. But guess what everybody? SCHOOLS OUT! SCREAM AND SHOUT! WOOOOOOOOOOOOO!` Okay.. I'll stop. ~Laughs~ Well, my graduation was yesterday. And yes, I'm a soon to be freshman! I went to one of my close friend's graduation party and man was it fun. We went into the pool and played some swimming games like Marco Polo. It was fun but I stink at it. o.O Around 9 PM, most of the people left. So then we took a walk to my other friend's house. We went into her backyard cuz no one was home and the small house in her backyard had it's light one. All of us were like, "Who was in there?" And she was like, "No one." And then someone went, "Then why is the lights on?" She was like, "I don't know...." We all looked at each other then ran out of her backyard. We ran about 20 feet then stopped and started walking. It was all good. Then the two boys part of our group of 5 started talking about scary movies. The two girls in my group besides me were kinda freaking out. However, against scary movies and stories, I got the nerves of steel. ^_^ I was just like, "That just ain't scary." Then we passed this house. I guess someone was watching TV because the curtains were like the devil-ish purple. There was this shadow of a person, dog, or cat. I couldn't really see. Then we hear, "Hee Hee Hee Hee...." We like, RAN for our lives ! It was really freaking. I think it was either a dog or cat whining. Either that or just someone trying to scare us. Creepy, eh? o.O So that was yesterday. We had loads of fun.

Today it was boring. One of my best friends are moving and it's really sad. I mean like moving at 12 AM in the morning. Like, he was this chick magnet and I bet all the girls that know him are crying. Not me though. ~Laughs~ Cuz that's not how Furry-Chibi roll. I just can't seem to cry when my close friends move. I mean, I get upset but that's it. I'm gonna miss him a lot though. I mean, I've never met a guy friend that was this nice to me and we had our funny moments. Haha XD.

I'm staying up late. It is about midnight right now. So this post might post as tomorrow's post, which means this post is gonna post for Monday. -___-' ~Sighs~ Oh well. I just can't sleep. I'm listening to my favorite band, Simple Plan. Well, there is a post. I don't know when I'm gonna post another post so ..... I guess later! Ja Ne! ` ~ Peace!`


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