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Thursday, May 31, 2007

It's been awhile since I posted a post after midnight. I finished two projects in two nights when I didn't start anything in `em yet! First time in awhile since I am actually handing in a project on or before the due date! I'm good, I'm good! ~Does the chibi moon dance~ Haha, kidding. So yeah, I'm here typing, tired, listening to Hawthorne Heights [A Band] and drinking water. So I'm pretty much addicted to the song Ohio is for Lovers and Sayins Sorry. ~Laughs~ If you don't know the song you should check it out! Other than that, I just feel like I wanna sleep. But if I go lying down on my bed, I won't feel tired then I probably can't sleep for another half an hour... so I'll try to make this post as long as it can be. ^__^

So after awhile, I said I was going to put up a picture of me right? Well, if you wanna see it, click here. Yepp, my favorite picture of me! Even so, lots of my friends said I look emo. I'm not emo though. >.> Well, as you can see I'm asian... and I'm listening to my iPod on a school bus. -___- This was taken a few months ago. Well, I hope that you guys will know that I'm no raper/molester on MyOtaku trying to "get with people" over the internet cuz that is the lowest thing someone would do.... And that is really demented. ~Laughs~ Well, I don't have anymore to write except that I am really tired and about to fall asleep so have a good day [and a good night sleep!]. Ja Ne!` ~ Peace!


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