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Monday, May 28, 2007

So yeah, I went to Queens. It's a city in New York. I got a whole box of spicy, delicious ramen! Mmmm, ramen is the besttt~! ^_^ Besides that, I went to my g'parents' house. My cousin & his dog were there so it was iight. I had New York pizza and man was it good! I mean, I haven't had pizza for months! The only pizza I've seen was the school pizza. Not that bad but I don't like it. I prefer REAL pizza...... Yeah enough about the pizza. Hehe XD

School T_T
I officially only have 12 more days of school, plus a field trip that [I think] counts as a Science final. It might not be quite fun but, if it can get me out of a final, I'm in. ^_^ Good thing about school is, it is almost ending! Bad thing is, it feels like forever! Plus, some of my friends are moving..... T_T It's like everyone is moving. It just ain't right. Ehhhh.... -____- Well, I'm not gonna be negative anymore. I almost thought that there was a project due tomorrow. Which is due Thursday, not tomorrow. Thank god! This is gonna be a short post. I was writing one a few hours ago but the computer restarted on me and I got pretty pissed and decided not to write it but hey, I have a bad short-temper and when that happens, I take it out on anyone who tries to talk to me or forces me to go on the computer..... or tells me not to go on my computer. I just flip when that happens. I mean, I don't care if it is my dad or mom, I yell and insult them. Then I feel bad, then I move on. But I can't help it. That kind of thing happens to me everyday. Well, hardly anyone is gonna read this cuz it's at night, unless you guys are all on! Well, Ja Ne!` ~ Peace~


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