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Saturday, May 19, 2007

Just when I thought that I was completely addicted to Naruto, I am once again addicted to Naruto and MÄR. I uploaded a lot of MÄR songs onto my iMeem account. Check it; if you like/love MÄR, you'll love it's music. ^_^ Besides MÄR, I am looking forward to watching the Naruto: Waterfall Mission. It's gonna be awesome yoooo ! Oh yehh MÄR's full name is Marchen Awakens Romance. I didn't know what marchen meant so I looked it up. It meant a fairytale or story. I thought it was pretty awesome! I mean, that name sorta fit the story line. ^_^ ~Laughs~

Other Anime
Ever since I got my TV back, I have especially been focusing on it during Saturdays. I watch Sonic X and Yu-Gi-Oh in the mornings on Fox 5 and Toonami in the evening on Cartoon Network. It's pretty awesome to have TV back. Well, I want to try out some new anime to watch, anyone have any suggestions?
I will try to visit everyone's sites and comment them! I mean, I haven't been on Otaku and I haven't been commenting. I hope I can comment everyone. I might go on hiatus. Who knows.... o.O


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