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Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day!

Mother's Day
For everyone who watches Cartoon Network, have you seen the thing where Erwin from Billy&Mandy raps about "Yo Mama's Day"? Haha, it's pretty funny. I think it goes something like, "Yo Mama's Day. It's like a day fo` yo mama. Don't give her no drama, let her wear her pajamas. Then watch cartoon-orama. We've got Foster's and Billy&Mandy all day, so let yo mama enjoy the flowers and candy. The peace & quiet will come in handy. Then yo mama's day would just be dandy." AH! I can't remember word for word but something close to it. I just don't get how people can come up with rythyms so easily! Well, to top that off, Happy Mother's Day! Hope you are taking your mom somewhere. I don't know what to do on Mother's Day but I hope we can go out for dinner or something.

Naruto Theme
I'm not really explaining it cuz I already did in the last post. If you want to read it, go to my archives. I hope that this background is temporary. If I am really really lazy then I probably will just go to a layout site for a Naruto layout. Well, hope you like the music and other things. I am going to go now. Ja Ne!` ~ Peace!


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