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Sunday, May 6, 2007

Naruto Theme
Yepp, after a few days, I found the perfect image I wanna use for the background. I extracted it so it is a PNG I can use for my background since it wasn't a PNG. Well, all I need to do is edit it with brushes in Photoshop and put some other stuff on it. Easy as pie. The only problem is, I extracted it on my Guest account on my computer. You all might be thinking, "Why is she on the Guest account?" Well, on my regular Administrator account, it won't let me watch Toonami Jetstream and my Guest account can. Other thing is, all of my Photoshop designs/brushes are in my Administrator account so I have to find a way to send my PNG to my other account. Well, I think it would be pretty easy, I just end up procrastinating and then forgetting to do it. I have no idea when I'll get the new layout up either. Hopefully, I'll get it up before June comes.

In school, I just had a Science State Test. It was pretty easy or should I say, the Astronomy part was easy. I flew through that part like it was kindergarten work. The other parts were okay and some were just like, huh? But on Friday, I had a good day until Health. I guess I was pretty tired. I didn't do the CPR test right and forgot to hand in my quiz that wasn't suppose to be a quiz, that should've been a review sheet but my class wasn't behaving. o.O [Longest sentence I've ever written for awhile.] Y`all are probably wondering what's gonna happen. My teacher called home, told my parents that I have about a 30% average and I got a 0% on my quiz. Jeeez. Getting my parents madd is the last thing on my list. & hopefully, my dad will forget about going to my school to talk to the teacher. But the teacher said I seemed "careless" about whatever I got. I missed tons of homework. I know it's easy to pass health but still, sometimes there is a lot of things to remember like the body parts. I just don't have a good memory.. -___- ~Sighs~ Well enough with the sad things. ^_^

Summer Soon
I can't wait for the summer. What about you guys? My school year ends at June 13. After that, there are just final exams that only lasts a few hours. I know some of y`all end school in May. You guys are luckyyy. ~Laughs for no apparent reason~ The only final exam that I know I will pass is the Spanish Proficiency Exam. I pass Spanish and sometimes it can be a piece of pie. (Yeah I know a piece of cake, but I like saying pie. =^_^=) So are any of you guys taking a second language for school? o.O I wish they taught Japanese. Hands down for that! &&No hesitation! ^_~ I would lovelovelove that class, if there was a class that teaches Japanese. & I'm probably talking randomly again...... aren't I? o.O Well, I might plan on going to China.... if my dad approves it. My brother is definitely going and my dad said I don't listen to him. I don't think I should though. When I do something wrong, he doesn't encourage me.. just yells at me and gives up on me. I mean, I don't think I have to listen to a father like that. Well, I don't care what he says, I'm definitely going to China this year. Chyeaaaa~ But if I don't go, I won't sulk and complain. My dad is a sadist. He would keep telling me, "Oh don't forget, if you don't listen to me you won't go, k?" I would just reply, "Okay, I'm not going. Whooo I'm gonna cry now. Yeahhh righttt, why don't ya just shut up and leave me alone." But yeah.... you might think that you're not allow to talk to your parents like that but seriously, I would careless.... maybe I'm acting too much like a bxtch... Well, I think I know the cause of this. I have Passive Aggressive Personality Disorder. If you search that up and look at the symptoms, I have each and every one of `em. Even if I have just a little bit of the symptom. But it's nothing serious... I just need an attitude adjustment around my parents. I feel like I can't, though. Well, whatever to that. All of a sudden, I started talking about stuff that isn't related to the Summer right? ~Laughs~ Gomenasai/sumimasen. Either way, it means sorry right? o.O Haha.

I promise to all of y`all. I will try to visit you guys today and leave you comments. I haven't commented sites for a long time and I feel like I did something wrong. You guys are commenting me and I'm not returning the favor. So, I'm gonna comment back all of you guys. Well, that's all I'm gonna say for today. Ja Ne! ` ~ Peace


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