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Monday, April 30, 2007

Adam's Birthday!!

Creator's Birthday
So for the people who don't know, today is Adam [creator of MyOtaku]'s birthday! I hope we can all wish him the best and hope he has a wonderful birthday. My friend xX9.tailed:NekoXx a.k.a. Baka Neko, wishes Adam a happy birthday too! So hope all of us Otakuians can give him our greatest gratitude for creating this website. ^_^

Naruto Theme
I really need to make the layout now. I'm still too lazy. I still need to find some sort of new NAruto PNG to use for my layout... hmmm, if any of you know a good site for them, tell me onegai! Arigatou~!`<3

Sorry for not visiting all of y`all's sites! I haven't gone on Otaku recently and I don't really have time to go on... Perhaps I should go on hiatus. Well, I have to go now! Ja Ne!` ~ Peace


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