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Friday, April 13, 2007

Haven't Updated in Awhile.

Nyssma/Violin Test
I don't think my violin test went well. I`m just really happy it's over. No more stressing out over it. I think the song I played was pretty hard. o.o Yayyyyyy! It's over!! If I past this test[I`m pretty sure I will] I will be able to go to China! ^_^

Ryoma Echizen Theme
I still like it but I feel like I should change it to Naruto. After all, it's my favorite anime and I feel weird that my favorite anime isn't my theme... I`ll change it when I have time but for now, I`m just gonna keep Echizen on..... After all, I didn't make the Naruto Layout yet. ^_~ I can't wait `til I put it up for ya guys to see! ~Laughs~ I`m in a very good mood.

It seems like I have been off of Otaku. I always come on to check if I got anything but I have been to lazy to update. Goot thing today I have time to update. Well, I just have been a Naruto Freakkkk. o.O Yeahh.........

I watched the 220 Episodes of Naruto and 1-7 Episodes of Naruto Shipuuden within one week. I`m a freakin` zombie don'tcha think? ^_^ Well, I think that's enought for today. I`ll try to visit people if I`m not too lazy. Ja Ne! `1 ~ Peace


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