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Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Let`s just say that for the pass few days, all I`ve ever done was watch television and went on the computer 24/7, basically. I only play a little bit of violin and I have my test next Friday. I want to get an A+ but I don`t think I can... I`ve been slacking off too much lately. I want to play the violin but.... I`ve just been tempted to watch anime instead... and I still have a project I need to start soon. -____-` ~Sighs~

Spring Break
Not really enjoying it to be exact. The only thing I like about it is that we have no school and no taking notes. Yeeaapp. ^_^ Well, I`m gonna watch some Cartoon Network. I don`t have much to say... maybe I shouldn`t update unless I have something really really important? o.O Ja Ne! `1 ~ Peace


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