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Sunday, March 4, 2007

Random o.O
Again, I have nothing to say, but I want try to keep updating everyday. ^_^ Well, today, this post will just be random . ~Laughs A Little Bit~

Today is suppose to be some kind of Chinese Holiday! So I might have to go to my grandparents again. Well, I`m not sure what this holiday is but we`re suppose to eat alot? o.o Well, as long as I get to enjoy stuffing my mouth with food, I`m good! ~Nods~

My mom is coming back from China tomorrow! I`m gonna be really happy. My relatives from China got me madd junk food and candy . Whoaaaa! I`m gonna get really hyper. I like hyperness! ~Screams~! I guess I`m really hyper already huh? Hehe ~

Well, I`m gonna have some random questions if you guys don't mind answering!:

[1] What nationality are you?
[2] Name some favorite anime? o.O
[3] Orbit Gum or Trident Gum? (REALLY RANDOM!)
[4] Cats or Rabbits?
[5] Full Moon or Fruits Basket?
[5] Would you rather have a cell phone or a iPod?
[6] Have you ever travelled out of your country?
[7] If you have a lot of regrets in your life that is painful that you can't stand anymore, would you rather die? (Sorry, I just thought it was an interesting question. You don't gotta answer it if you don't want to. ` ^_^)

Hehe, random right? Well, I`m gonna go. I`m gonna be making some new wallpapers soon! Expect some coming!


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