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Friday, March 2, 2007

Different Things
Ahhh new theme for those who don't know. I have a little obssession for Kira Takuto right now. So I`m eating Cheerios as I`m writing so bear with me. @_-' Well, today was pretty fun, but I`m failing science. Nooooooo! Well, I gotta hand in my homework. TOO MUCH PROCRASTINATING LATELY! I gotta start doing good in school. My average is "alright." But still, I still have a project to do and it is 2 days late now.

Just now, I just remembered something. After reading some of your comments, I was wondering.... Does the anime sounds like one of those death/bloody/etc anime? Haha I`m weird but just wondering..... Well, it's nothing violent, just really sad. T_T

Anyways, moving on.... I don't know what to type. *_* I`m outta ideas! ~Getting Dizzy of Thinking~ Well, I had enough Cheerios and now I`m drinking water. ~Laughs for no Reason~

I`m going to a music festival tomorrow. =^_^= I`m happy cuz I finally get to do something OUTSIDE of my house. ~Nods~ I`m gonna aim for the top chairs of the orchestra with my great violin skillsz yo! ~Rolls up sleeves~ ~Laughs~

Well, I`m gonna go edit the playlist that I made for my site. Even though you guys might not listen to all of it. Some are from Hikaru no Go. ^_^ Well, I`m gonna get going~ I'll try to comment everyone who posted up a post today. ^_~ iighttttt, 1`WUN!


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