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Thursday, March 1, 2007

New Theme; Kira Takuto
  Hello~! I put up a new theme! ~Cheers~ New background, new intro, new song, new everything! I love it. =]~ After the complicated Naruto layout I had up for months, I decided to change it. I wanna keep it simple this time. ~Winks~ The theme is Kira Takuto. He's my favorite character from the anime Full Moon wo Sagashite (Searching for Full Moon). I'm currently obssessed with him. ~Laughs~ I think he looks better in anime [Blue Avatar on the left].

He was a singer in his human life and he died on purpose because he had throat cancer and got surgery. After surgery, he couldn't sing anymore. He was so sad. After, that he became a Shinigami [God of Death] which is someone who takes away human's life/soul when their life is near the end. He didn't want to become a Shinigami because he doesn't want to take away people's lives. He had no choice. Everyone who commits suicide or dies on purpose in this anime, ends up being a Shinigami. The current song was sang by him and the music was played by his band Route L.

Well, that's the end of the spoiler. Hope I convinced you to watch it [If you didn't already]. It's a sad yet funny anime. Well, now I think I will concetrate on writing an essay that is a day late. I procrastinate too much. ~Sighs~ -__-'

I haven't posted up an wallpaper fer awhile. Well, expect one soon! I`m gonna go now. Peaceeee~



I edited the background ^_^

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