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Monday, February 26, 2007

I have a sad feeling. ~Frowns Sadly~ I just watched Full Moon wo Sagashite. Of course I won't mention anything cuz then Baka Neko would get angry. ~Laughs a little~ But my dad told me to go to sleep. I pretended but I'm up again. I have a crazy pounding in my heart that tells me to finish the episode I was on. It was really sad. You see in the beginning, it was sad to begin with but it had it's funny moments that can get you to laught fer hours.... but now I just can't handle all the sadness.... I feel like I wanna cry. But I can't cuz I don't know.... I just can't. I can have tears in my eyes but I can't cry. It's just not me. My dad made me close it in a middle of one. I had a delay opening fer school and to think I got up so early. But even though this anime is kinda sad, it still changed me into a better person. I understand things more and more. And this anime made my day. I guess I fell a `lil bit better. Well, I`m off to finish the episode. But yeahh, nothing else to say today. I guess that's it.

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