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Friday, February 23, 2007

Ayyyy! I'm back on MyO again! I'm in a really good mood today! For the past week, I've been at my g`parents house and they didn't have a computer so I couldn't update. . . -____- ~Sighs~ But I'm updating right now with really funny things that happened. Ever since last friday, my one week break, it's been fun. My brother and I went over to my grandparents house and my cousin and his dog were there too. We went out walking in the streets of Queens almost everyday this week. I was obssessed with the dog . He is really cute though really CRAZY. (O_-) I played with the dog everyday. ~Laughs~ Yeshh, really random.

Since I can't watch television at home, I spend basically 6 hours of watching television everyday and my g`parent`s house. I got yelled at for watching so much, but I didn't care cuz it was a few months since I watched TV so I was happy. Well, that's enough about television! Haha. . . .

My cousin, James, has a really bad temper when he's annoyed and stuff and his life style is different from my grandparents and me and my bro. He said something that got me laughing sooo hard that I fell off the bed and rolling on the floor laughing. o.O Ohhhh dying to find out? ~Laughs~ Well, my grandma wanted to know if we were willing to share a blanket to sleep. My cousin went all out and screamed, "I DON'T WANT TO SHARE BLANKETS! I HATE THE FEELING OF FEET AND LEGS TOUCHED TOGETHER!!" Wow, was that funny! That was the only thing that made my day. . . Yesterday, I was really hot tempered so that wasn't that much funn . [//.-] Well, that's all I can say. . . since that's all the stuff that happened... `WUN ! PEACE~

Peace, Love, and Stuff`!<3


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