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Saturday, February 3, 2007

GAHHHHHHHHH ! I have been dead fer days ! Well, I'm kinda backkk...... Well, I'm gonna answer 9.Tailed:Neko's questions she left me uhh 6 days ago. O_O:

1. Have you ever fallen up the stairs and thought tha world wuz upside down!?! o.0 Nope, and it's DOWN the stairs not up!
2. Have you ever had a total memory loss of the last 5-20 minutes?? O.O You BET I have!
3. Love or Passion? Passion
4. Mr. Vertullo or Ms. Michaels?? Ms. Michaels
5. Do you stick to your morals down to tha last letter??!! Yahh sometimes. . . .
6. If your best friend became worst enemy the next day, would you tell their biggest secrets tha next day?!? I ain't like that
7. Would you die for someone precious to you without hesitation? Maybe
8. Gaara or Death o0.0o Gaara
9. Love or Money/Gold/Intelligence/friends/ Intelligence
10. If you were trapped on an island for 10 months.. with your 100% crush! Would you tell him your feeling and form a friendship? Hmmm, I would probably just try to be his bestest friend in tha whole world.
11. If your best friend was having her own emo crisis.. would you go to all lengths to try and help. Even tho you knew there wasn't anything you could do to help? except let them cry on your shoulder and give them reassurance and emo-support?? ^-^ I would try. I sometimes give good advices but I never take any of them myself

Yayy! Answered all of her questions [Betta be happy Baka Neko!] Well, I had this violin thing today and my arms are like fallinggggg off ~! It's really tiring but funnn. I have a concert tomorrow. Grrrr I hate dressing up. Haha, totally not me. -___- Well, if you wanna ask any questions, and I mean ANYTHING, comment me. I'll answer them TRUTHFULLY and you will see the answers next time I post an update. (NO MORE QUESTIONS FOR YOU BAKA NEKO!) I was referring to 9.Tailed:Neko.

Peace, Love, and Stuff`!<3


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