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Saturday, January 27, 2007

Again, I decided not to post yesterday. I had a party yesterday and it was madd fun yoooo ! I had a swimming party then went to a sleepover. But I couldn't go to the sleepover so I just stayed at my friend's house until 11 and night. It was like, priceless. :]

So, for the past few weeks, I've been trying to submit an wallpaper I made. It won't post and I tried over and over againnn . -___- I'm kinda pissed it won't work... I'll post it up later on in the future iight ? I think you guys might like it. It's chibi form of Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura. I really like it but it won't post. ~Sighs~ Well, I gotta be patient cuz it's the computer, and it's not like it's gonna help if I destroy it. ~Laughs~

This post is kinda empty. I'm gonna post up some questions:

[1] Have an iPod? If so, what kind?
[2] Do you use a computer or a laptop?
[3] Cell Phone or Playstation 3?
[4] Rock or Pop?
[5] Art (to Draw) or Music?
[6] Would you rather do Homework or a Project?
[7] Hang out with friends or stay home?
[8] DN Angel or Gundam Seed?

Yahhh, that's all fer nowwwww . My head is outta questions. [That didn't make sense. Hope you know what I meant. ^_^] Well, sorry if I haven't commented you fer awhile or a long time. But don't worry, I'll comment you as soon as I'm outta my lazy mood.

Peace, Love, and Stuff`!<3


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