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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Sorry I haven't been on for the pass 3 days. But I'm not dead! So don't worry! ^_~ So.... today, the official last day before my stupid science mid-term which takes up two days and we have 73 multiple questions. Yahh, it's easy but we just had our ELA state test like, last week so it's kind of like a pain. -__- Well, I have the biggest stomachache, it's a pain. I don't think I want to move... ~Sighs~ Oh well, my stomach would feel better in 3 days ! ! Oh well, this happens to me every month.... I don't think I'm the only one right? Ehehe. Yayy A new semester starts in my school on friday. I get a homework pass every quarter(Two quarters in a semester). Ahhhh, I live off of those! I just got one yesterday and I got another one for getting a 100 on my unit test. Mannnnn, I feel madd good about getting a full score after a loooonnnnngggggg time of not getting a 100. ~Laughs~ For the pass few days, the only thing I've been listening to is J-Rock/J-Pop which is anime songs, I believe. =) Also, the other thing I've been listening to is rap. I curse alot, so that's the reason I don't mind listening to them. It's not like I would curse that much over the internet. o.O Maybe... but definitely not MyOtaku. I'm kinda happy since it's been awhile since I've written a post this long. It's not that long but still... I'm happy that I'm actually forcing myself not to be lazy and write something. =]]

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