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Saturday, January 20, 2007

Today = Nothing really happened. My violin lesson got cancelled cuz my teacher was sick. I went to the orthodontist. My teeth doesn't hurt as much as they do since the last time I went to get it changed. Thenn, I ate food and talked on the phone. And here I am, now typing this boringggggg post ! -___- ~Sigh~ Whatta boring day.. though it's my friend's birthday. =] I just called her. HAH..... not that funny. Wow, that means I'm really, really bored. Any of youu up for some questions?:

[1] If you were hanging out with your friends, where would you go?
[2] Where would you have your birthday party?
[3] If you were over your friend's house, and they were acting like all assholes, what would you do?
[4] What do you wanna eat right now?
[5] Favorite fast food restaurant?
[6] How was your day?

Peace, Love, and Stuff`!<3


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