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Thursday, January 18, 2007

I'm almost done editing my upcoming layout!! Anyways, I just submitted a Naruto wallpaper. There's alot going on.... I don't really think I did a good job on it butt oh well. You should go check it out when it's upp! ~Laughs For No Reason~ ^_^

RAWR! I had a ELA state text today. It was freakin` 2 hours and it was madd easy. -___- Tomorrow I have another one. ~Sighs~ But the good thing is the periods are shorten and I don't have homework!!

I can't wait for you guys to see my new layout... though you guys might not like it? I don't knowwww.... but I'm gonna put up a new song with it as well. =]]] I hope you will like it. I'm like, in love with the songgg. I had it on my page before I had my Naruto layout. But it's only instrumental. But yeahh, you'll see. Who's up for questions?:

[1] Grrr! It's picture day and you forgot. You're in school and ready to take the picture. You look like a mess. Whad'ya do?
[2] Do youuuuuu annoy your friends?
[3] Have a ClubPenguin.com account?
[4] Play any instruments ?
[5] What genre of music do you listen to ?

That's all fer today.. ^_^

Peace, Love, and Stuff`!<3


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