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Sunday, January 14, 2007

Yayy the updates again! ~Rolls Eyes~ NOT AGAiN!!! Anyways, I went to the mall, and at a store Hot Topic (My Fav.) I saw this Naruto headband and you shoulda seen me. I was like, "PLEASEEEE!!!!! I WANT IT!!!!!!!", screaming at my mom. She said she didn't care and she doesn't know how us otaku feel about anime. =[ Jeeezz they won't understand ~HUGE Sigh~ Oh well, I'll get over it... maybe in a couple of weeks. I WANT IT!!! GRRRRRAWWWHHHHHHH!! ~1 Hour later.. Calms Down~ Okay, so who's ready for random questions?:

[1] What do you really want right now?
[2] Am I overreacting? o.O
[3] How tall are youuuu ?
[4] Ever broken something precious to you? (It could be anything, including people.)
[5] Who wants a iPhone!?!?!

Anyways, I gotszzzz to goo ! So later everyone! I'll try to comment everyone's post today!

Peace, Love, and Stuff!`<3


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