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Saturday, January 13, 2007

Mhmmm. =] I am still pissed at the drama stuff cuz yesterday the girl made it worst. Anyways, I haven't updated the whole day so I decided to update now. ^_^ I had Wendy's today. ~Laughs~ It was madd good. ~Licking Tongue~ I can feel myself getting hungry again. Hahahaaha..... uhmm yeah... Nothing happened today, I just had violin lessons again. I gotta start practicing. I'm good at it buuuttt I don't practice. Ahhaha oh well. So you guys miss the random questions? Well here they are!!:

[1] Favorite clothing store.
[2] Like it when boys smell good? ^_^
[3] Recently read any manga? If so, what is it called?

[4] How often do you go on the computer?
[5] Favorite drink?
[6] If I was on a sugar rush and was too hyper for anyone to control, what would you do/say?

Well, that's the random questions of the day!

Peace, Love, and Stuff`!`<3


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