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Saturday, November 1, 2008

   Championships and such
Hey guys! how's your weekend?

Hope ya'll had a good halloween! ^^ Mine was quite....normal. Nothing much happened. not even trick or treaters came to our house(I can see why. our house is on probably the darkest street in the neighborhood. @___@)
More people need to go trick or treating
I would, but my parents are afraid of the "night life" like robbers, muggers, rapers, and stuff like that even though our neighborhood is pretty calm. :P
I couldn't go trick or treating so i just stole candy from the giant bowl of candy that was for the trick or treaters, but I guess since none came that means MOAR CANDY FOR ME FOOOLZ. 8DDD
lol check it out. 8D

~WORLD update~
I'm pretty sure most of you missed my update on my WORLD on wednesday because most of you were at school. :P I put some stuff on there, so just go here to read about it please. ^^


~Fan Art~

new piccys! Please go check them out! I also would like comments cuz I love them~ C:

Speaking of comments, I got my first hate comment!
I award the "First hate comment" Trophy to acceptdefeat! Big congrats to him/her! And what made them get this dull trophy? well, their great award winning line:
"I hate it fag"
...no i'm serious
I got my first hate comment from the bully that's been f*cking up my friends by calling them names and flaming their art. if your curious, it's on my sparky the armadillo pic. xP


LOL I knew it
we like, totally failed in tornament
My team lost our first game by 10 points.
What really bothered me though is that one of my teamates called us "this stupid team"
...idk i found it troublesome
same girl once said "They're letting the ball drop those freaks"
>___> my gosh....
I'm one negative person and I think more positive during volleyball games than that. 0__o
but oh well
volleyball season is over
basketball season is here
oh joy
time for me to flunk basketball tryouts! 8D

Mkay guys, just a heads up.
I'm going to go to a birthday party tomorrow(I don't know what time though xD) so I might not be on that much tomorrow.
yeaaaaa just a little heads up. xD

I wish I went to the Robotics competition instead of the volleyball one. >___>
but then again, my team would still fail
cuz they argue too
2 ppl don't really care about the robot, they just came to build with legos
another person was there last year like me, but she's being bossy and stuff like she knows everything. >__>
and so there is a lot of fighting
and I'm the only one who could keep them under control
since I wasn't at the robotics competition
they probably failed. :P
oh well

um so
I think that's about it!
Have a great weekend guys! *hugs*

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