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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Okay so
I was originally going to emo barf today since appearently life has gotten worse

but this time it really sucks

okay, this morning I was working on Kasa-chan's birthday present and it was like, 6:30 AM

well, my mom saw me on the computer and she pretty much hates me now and so she got really pissed. I turned off my computer, grabbed a book and started reading. then I heard this banging and stuff.

later, my dad woke up and came to where I was reading and patted me on the head and said how are you?

I didn't say anything so he just walked off to get ready to take me to school
well, then I went to my room and flopped on the bed.

Then I cried

I swear, life has got to hate me right now. At the beginning of the school year, my teacher's said that "7th grade will be the best year of your life! That's cuz we ROCK"

That like, jinxed me or something
cuz so far my life is going downhill

well, so I cried in my bed. and then I went to the bathroom to go wash up before someone found out I was crying. but right when I came out the door, my dad came by. so I just burst into tears.

he asked "what's wrong??"
it's such a hard question though since almost nothing is right...

(copied and pasted from a PM to Sayura-chan cuz I can't type it all up at the moment)
so like, yesterday in social studies when we were lined up for lunch, I was asking everyone to be quiet since they were talking alot and my athletics coach was the teacher for that class, so I didn't want the team to have to run again
THEN the guy in my class that I really hate(cuz he's annoying and he won't stop talking) just kept talking and talking and he was in front of me. So I just said "shhh" and he's like "SHUT UP U NERD" and then he said "keep saying SHHH SHHH" in an annoying tone. -______-XXXX
THENNN after lunch we were in groups and some of the boys got in trouble because of a small accident of some sort, I'm not sure. but my friend sat down and we were in groups so another person in my group said, "Man ____, if it's because of u that we have to run I am SO going to tackle u in football so hard that ur helmet will fly off" or something like that and that guy who called me a nerd joined in the threatning. My friend stayed quiet the whole time but what REALLY kills me is that I didn't do anything. I was thinking of something to say for the whole time but right before I was going to say it they stopped.
after a while they would tell him like "shut up ____" but I managed to sneak a "Oh just don't listen to them" to my friend
I wish I could've done so much more though....I feel useless....;A;
Then in science, some of my friends said "hey, what time are we going to brawl?(super smash bros brawl)" and I said "sorry, no I have ballet"
and then they started laughing at me. and kept rubbing it in my face and telling the whole school........I'm not a big fan of ballet but I don't mind doing it.....
WEll, then after school we had our volleyball game! x3 we won! it was amazing!!
but when my mom picked me up she was really pissed since I missed my Ballet lesson and I tried explaning to her that I could always leave early and that she could pick me up. I don't exactly know what happened after thaat but she mumbled a "I'm tired of talking to u" when we got home. then later she said "fine, you can do volleyball. just quit piano,violin, and ballet because you don't appreciate what I do" since she drives me to most of my lessons.
so my mom is like, really pissed at me at the moment
my dad is trying to find a solution though so that I can do all of my activities and not have to quit anything.


oh that reminds me


so there is like, no way I can finish ur b-day present Kasa-chan!! I'm soooo sorry!!!\
My sister said though that she's going to help me find it(ILU THANKIES)
but we have to do it so that my mom won't know I'm looking for it

but yea, I hate life at the moment
I'm sorry for complaining...so many people have it so much worse....

well, I need to get off.
I love you all! I'll try to find my laptop soon.
Good bye! I don't know how long I will be gone. ;___;
*super huggles you all*
I hope you all have a wonderful day!

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