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Saturday, August 2, 2008

*dies of boredom*
someone update...
some art or manga pages, I'm dying of boredom! D:
Plus not people aren't commenting on my new pics, so there's nothing to read....D:

so I guess, I'll just go and re-read old fan mangas or actually get off of myy lazy ass and start on my summer homework.
well, at least I've read the book. :)

^__^ I may be dying of boredom, but I'm happy(sorta)! I'm finally almost done with my contest entries. @_____@ I spent most of my summer drawing stuff for contests! Counting all of the contest I've joined and are going to join so far in the summer is a total of 12! *dies*
but, I only have 2 entries left, and then I'm done(for now). :) THEN I CAN FINALLY WORK ON THOSE REI AND ROXAS PICS AND MANGA PICS THAT I'VE BEEN DYING TO WORK ON!!! XD Plus I have a ton of character references I need to make. Just look on my "Artist's Corner" WORLD and you'll see my To-Do list lol

I think I'm going through this mini artist slump thingy. I'm haveing problems with drawing heads,eyes,arms, and hands and it's pissing me off!!!!! DX


uh well...yea..
If you were planning to join my contest, I changed my deadline. D: not a lot of people submitted their entry and plus I totally forgot to remind you guys about the deadline. so now the deadline for my contest is AUGUST 15!!!
:D remember it! cuz I'm NOT changing it again!

is it just me, or have comments and hugs gone down? cuz on my REAL WORLD pic, I only got 18 hugs and 7 comments, and on my Art Trade with Erika-chan, I only got 15 hugs and 6 comments. My average is usually 25 hugs and about 16 comments I think.

*slaps self*

ehh...but can I ask if you guys could leave at least a hug? :) that'd make me happy!(comments are real awesome too :D)

oh btw, I had to resubmit my REAL WORLD piccy cuz the comments went funky. so I deleted the first one and resubmitted it. so if you hugged or commented on the first one, do you think you could do it again? ^______^ thanks

just thought I should let you know that my next pic is my 100th pic on theO.
wowz, and I haven't even been on theO for a year
this just proves that I have no life
:D jk jk

well, I want the pic to be special, but i really don't know what to draw. Should I even make this pic special?

so that's why I'm checking with you guys, what do you think? ^____^
if you have any suggestions, please leave a comment!

I've gotten a suggestion that I should draw a pic of all of my buddies! ^^ I think that would be a great idea, but I have A LOT of buddies! D:
so, that might be my "plan B" if I don't get other suggestions that I like. :)

Hey guys, do you remember that post where I went all emo saying that I do everything wrong and stuff? -___________- well, my sister read it....
and now she gives me hugs every night and I'm like, "STOP TOUCHING ME!!!" and she's like, "no, you need a hug" and she even got my 7 year old brother to start hugging me everynight.


I know that I give a lot of them over the internet, but in real life they're so...so...INVASION OF PERSONAL SPACE!! DX

I hope I didn't offend those who like hugs. If I did offend sorry! D: *gives virtual hug* lol

but seriously, I find hugs in real life VERY akward. I don't know why, I just don't like being hugged in real life. :P

in other news, WE GOT WII FIT!! :D
and it's so fun! ^^
I've found out though that I'm not a strong person. =.= i totally fail in athletic things, i perfer liturature artsy stuff or whatever you call it like playing an instrument or drawing. Athletic stuff is ok, but I think liturature thingys are more fun and I think it expresses more. ^_^ even though I'm not that much of an expressive person in real life

ANYWAYS, wii fit = fun
XDD last night, my dad was hoola hooping and he was swinging his hips like crazy it was hilarious. then we forced our mom to play wii fit and hoola hoop. she did really good, but we ended up giving her back pains. XDD

My fav activity would have to be the Advanced Step! X3 come on, who WOULDN'T like that, seriously. lolz jk

well, think that about wraps everthing up in a nice little package. :) I think I'll go do the summary part of my summer homework. :) or maybe I'll go procrastinate and re-read fan mangas. X3

ttyl guys!! *huggles*

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