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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

   You guys are the best!!*cries*
(I meant to post about how awesome yo guys are a few days ago but I procrastinated! XD)

Oh, THANKS SO MUCH FOR ALL YOUR COMMENTS ON THE LAST POST!! I would read your comments over and over and it would make me cry everytime! but I couldn't stop smiling either! You guys are really awesome, some of the words you guys said were the kindest and most inspirational words that have ever been said to me. :3 and I thank you guys! *bear hugs* I even went to bed crying because I was thinking about your comments, now isn't that something? :3

:3 thank you bunches for being those special people in my life! *hugglez*

Oh! And you remember that thing when i said i was the worst performance? it's really weird, my piano teacher said that this minister thingy from her Church is a great musician(sp?) and he said that we were really great.

O.O either he's deaf or I just have low self esteem. lol

So, maybe I didn't do the worst after all?
ahgg...but you remeber Mr. Beef Jerky that took my first chair? He was there(dammit) and he played better than me. D:
I think my song was harder though.

but anyways, YA'LL ARE AWESOMENESS!!! *tackle hugs*

I need to make a thank you gift for all of you guys. idk what to draw though. *puts on thinking cap*

well, while I think, I guess I'll tell you guys right now that I'm working on three pics right now(haven't done that in a while). The first one is finished, I think the second one needs a BG and the third one is COMPLETE AWESOMENESS!!!(still needs to be colored though) It's almost as awesome as you guys! :3

it's mostly because I actually added a BG, but I still can't wait to show you guys!!! X3

Oh yea, and the chat with Kyle was awesome! I don't think he directly talked to me though....;A;

BUT it was still awesome. especially the mingle mode, cuz after Kyle said "KABOOOOOOM" like, 20 messages popped up and it kept flooding. XDD
:3 I subscribed to him. lol

and I also watched the Naruto second movie! OwO COMPLETE AWESOMENESS!!! It was so epic! X3

Oh, and I also watched the last part of Avatar, so if you don't want to spoil urself, then you better not read this part!!!

very cool.
i think Azula needs a chill pill though.
she makes faces like Raito/Light Yagami from Death Note. hahahhahhaha*snort*hahhaha
I've realized that I think Zuko looks retarded with his hair up. I screamed at the TV saying,"ZUKO!!! PUT YOUR HAIR DOWN YOU LOOK STUPID!!!" :D lolz
WHERE'S HIS MOTHER!?! Seriously, it was the end of the movie and they left us on a cliff hanger. oh, and wtf did they do with Azula? put her in a straitjacket(sp?) becuase she was so crazy?
:D hhahahhaaha

MKAYZ! done talking about Avatar.

:3 it's 9:23 AM now so I better go feed my doggie breakfast. Then I should complete my pics.
oh wait, I need to finish eating my oreo cereal first.

:B eheehheheha

mkayz, well bye guys!!! *bear hugs* :3 You're really awesome, and thanks again!! X3

EDIT: Oh yea! :3 New piccys, plz go hug and comment? it'd make me happy! :D





X3 well, baiz!!!!

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