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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

....I hate these Title things!!
Heya guys! how you doing? :)

NUU!!! L's gone from my MyO theme. XD
I like my new theme though. :3
I changed my avi too. :o no more purdy rainbow thingy. oh well. XD
I found the pic on Photobucket and edited it in Photoshop and Image Ready.

Hey guys, I know this is sorta weird, but I need a little help with my summer homework! ^^; uh yea...I was just wondering, does anyone know what Daily log is? I have to do one over House of Scorpians. Yea, I fail so much that I ask you guys. D: sorry. DX

Anyways, I got tagged by Kasa-chan and Den-chan so uh, here's 16 facts!!

1) For those who don't pay attention to my birthday on my portfolio and info thingy, I'm 12 years old. :P
2)I've been drawing manga style since 3rd grade
3)I totally fail at inking so I just ink my pics on Photoshop using my tablet. :P
4)I give a LOT of hugs over the internet on theO. but in real life, I feel uncomfortable when someone hugs me. XD
5)according to Big Brain Academy: Wii Degree, my brain was over 1700 grams, but that was a LONG time ago. XD it's probably like, 1000 grams now lol.
6)I don't gots a cellphone
7)According to this test email thingy, the cartoon character I'm most like is Elmo!! O.o
8)My dad planned a vacation for the 1st week of August, yet he doesn't know where we're going.
9)Thinking of facts are really hard for me.
10)I can speak three languages: English, Stupid, and Random. :D
11)My character Rei Uruhara once had the name Kara Kanaichi.
12)I found it hard to come up with different designs and names for OCs, and there were a lot of animes that I want an OC for. and then I got the idea of Rei traveling to different worlds of Anime and Manga when I was introduced to Kingdom Hearts.
13)If you know Rei as well as I do, you might lable her emo. O.O
14)I just counted, and Rei gets stabbed somewhere in her torso with a sword or something like, 4 times, maybe more. lol that's why I rated my manga Teen and I said it had major blood loss. XD
15) One time in the story, Takashi Takeda gets stabbed by 5 swords when Rei was sorta unconcience(sp?) because of blood loss and he was protecting her.
16) I HATE the song Crank that Soulja boy, but I LOVE this version of it. XDDD

well, those are my facts! If you are reading this sentence, YOU ARE TAGGED!!! *poke*

oh yea, about Takashi Takeda, my OC, funny thing. I was watching this spoof of Link from Legend of Zelda, and I was watching the credits and it said that the person who voiced Navi, his name was Takashi Takeda!!! XD I thought it was hilarious! but uh yea, lol

And like I said, my dad planned a vacation and he doesn't even know where we're going.
well, about that, I'll be gone the whole fist week of August according to my dad. TwT hopefully there will be internet wherever I'm going cuz I LOVE THEO! it's like my second home, and it's hard for me to leave for a few hours, HOW DO YOU THINK WHEN IT'S A WHOLE WEEK?! D:
but uh yea, I don't know where I'm going and stuff. :( so, If I comment late and I miss updates, you know why.

EDIT: OKAY! NEVER MIND ABOUT WHAT I JUST SAID!!!!! My dad is cancelling the whole vacation cuz my sister has some high school stuff and my dad has Jury duty. :O

well, uh, yea, I guess that's it. If my friend Tamed gets done using my computer, I might be able to get some art done and submitted and stuff.

*hugs* I hope you all have a great week. :3 ttyl!~

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