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Sunday, July 20, 2008

TnT NUUUU!!!!I don't know if it's just my computer, but whenever I try veiwing a fanart, fan manga, ecards, or even pics on worlds, IT DOESN'T SHOW UP!!!!! D: every time a click to veiw a pic, it turns up blank, or it has this little "X" thingy. TwT and it still doesn't show up when I click the High Res button!

I don't know if anyone can help me with this, but I just wanna know if someone has the same problem...so, DO YA?!

well, enough with that....I might try and restart my computer and see if it works then...

EDIT: XD lol mkayz, nvm, Adam explain what happened. :P too lazy to explain it though, so just go to the official theO world. XD

anyways, if you saw my "Request From DixieWings" pic, I said that I was just about to download RebirthRO on my laptop, but because of a recent hacker attack, the files were corrupted and I wasn't able to download it. I tried playing it on Tamed's computer since Tamed has it downloaded, but it won't let me make a new character either. We assumed that until the Hackers are gone, we can download it or make new characters, TwT man this sucks...........

i was at a party last night. one of my friends B-day party. so if I didn't comment on stuff that was submitted last night sorry. >.< We went there at 6:30 ish and didn't come back home til midnight. XD

but I did comment on some stuff. I think the comments were fairly short though. so if I commented on you, ur lucky. :D

well...I guess I'll go over to theO chat until my dad gets home. then I'll work on pics.

well, ttyl guys! :D bye! *hugs*

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