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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Wee~ back from the contest
Yay. Well, if you read the post before this one, you would know that I accidently entered a fiddle contest. Well, came back home a few minutes ago. Guess what? I ended up getting 2nd place and got $35. YOSH I'M RICH FOR THE FIRST TIME!!(My parents take away my money. leaving me broke but they let me keep these. :3) I was told that I didn't get first place cuz the girl who did had a better appearance than me. She had cowboy boots, cowboy belt. all that and such. I just wore jeans and a polo t shirt. so I looked sorta western and such. :P

My mom recorded me playing so if my parents let me I might load it up on youtube or something. >D
but uh ya. The scores I got from the judges weren't as good as I wanted them to be but I think I did very well. :3 lol

FUNNIEST THING. mkay so we were going home, and my brother was teaching my dad how to hook up his bluetooth phone or something to our GPS thingy. it was really cool cuz I didn't understand a word he was saying cuz he was being all techy and stuff. XD it worked. we were like, YOUR AMAZING! :D it was really funny. now my dad can call people by using his GPS. oh and guess how old my brother is?

SEVEN!!! :D lol that's the funny part(well, for me it is)

agh...I think I accidently said yes to another fiddle competition though. =.= it's on August 2nd...man, I need to pay attention to what i say.

Well...I need to catch up on updates and such so I'll ttyl guys! *hugs* :D mkay baiz

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