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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

aw shit....
Mood: Shitty

Mkay...I feel real shitty right now. -_-
man this sucks.....my violin teacher was like, "There's a fiddle contest in ______ you should go do it!" I was like, "okay...." as in I don't care tone just say alright that's good to know. >:O thing is she mistook it and now I'm going to that fiddle contest!!!! TwT it's on Saturday too THIS SUCKS. *crawls in corner and cries* I'm not that competitive. well, some times i am so that I can do better at things and such. O.O BUT I DUN WANNA DO THIS! D:
The only good thing about this is that you can get money from it.

I still hate the idea. I just know that you have to play a fcking song and I know the fcking town but i don't even know where in the town it is...
I guess I'll leave that up to my mom. :O
I didn't even know I accidently said yes to going to the contest until at the end of the lesson and I was packing my things she said, "Well, i'll see you on Saturday!" and she left the room to take her dog outside and I was like, "what? what's on Saturday?" and them idk whether it my sister or mom but one of them said, "the fiddle competition" and I was like, "Huh? I wasn't going to do that" and my sister said, "You said okay" and I was eh!? -_-
man this sucks. *crawls in emo corner*

Public apology that I didn't upload any manga pages this week and I probably won't do any this weekend either. I've been really busy and I have that fcking fiddle contest too. :(
I'll try to get a LOT or manga done though when I'm done with these contest entries and art trade and request stuff.

One of the reasons I couldn't draw any pages was because my fav uncle decided to give us a surprise visit(not really he actually called saying he was on his way and me and my sister didn't know but our parents did. :P) and he brought along my aunt(his wife) and another aunt, my 2 cousins, and grandma. I wanted to spend time with them(he also dragged us to the amusment park in town so that we could spend time together. we were there from idk, 2pm to 10pm!!! O.O it was fun though).

:D oh my goshers! check it out! it's the pic KungPowChicken drew as part of our art trade!! X3 it's so friggn' awesome and lol it's funny too! XD
I still have to draw her new KH outfit so it doesn't look so Sora-ish. :( lol


Hey guys! Here are some of my new pics! :D please comment/hug/fav if you can it'd make me happy. :3




mkay, so, I got tagged by LunaLei twice(I high lighted a sentece that said, "if you highlighted this then you are tagged" or something and when i went to her world to read her facts she said "if you visited my world today you are tagged" or something like that. :P) so uh...16 facts, here we go!

1) I'm allergic to hamsters which is totally unfair because they're one of my favorite animals.
2) I have a German Shepard name Mei(which means "Plum" according to my sister. O.O i didn't know that when I named her. XD)
3) Homework is over rated
4) Clowns need to die
5) I'd rather clean a hobo toilet than clean up after an elephant
6) uh...*is already running out of facts* I've played my Pokemon Diamond about 223 hours total
7) A lot of the people at my school are spoiled brats
8) I have a gameboy color, gameboy advanced, Playstation2, playstation3, gamecube, wii, nintendo DS, and I think that's all.
9) My pinkey is I think 5 centimeters(idk if that's small, but it is compared to my classmates...)
10) I want Dude to die.(for those who don't know him, too bad, I'm too lazy to explain)
11) When I ever see a Roxas yaoi coupling I have this sudden urge to kill someone.
12) I'm hungry
13) The artists on theO I'm most inspired by are(don't kill me if ur not on this list. O.O) RSRKingdomStars, aragorn1014, Fire Fox Sakurie, What the..., Shiroi Shimi, caosgoth, and a BUNCH of others(too lazy to list all of the artist. TwT). :3
14) I currently have 77 subscribers but I don't know why so many people subsribe. O.O
15) I still haven't completed ONE game of Kingdom Hearts. *crawls in emo corner*
16) I can't think of anymore facts

Well those are my facts. As you can clearly see, I'm not an interesting person.
well, the specific people I want to tag is of course LunaLei cuz she wants to be tagged(as far as my knowlegde goes) and Tamed cuz I KNOW YOU READ THIS AND YOU DON'T DO ANYTHING SO GO LIST 8 FACT ABOUT URSELF! :D Thing is that you can't tag 8 other people cuz you don't know 8 people on theO CUZ YOU HAVEN'T DONE ANYTHING! :O
so while I'm talking about Tamed, :D anyone reading this sentence must go to Tamed's Guestbook and say "HAI!~ FUNIMATION TOLD MEH TO GO HERE" cuz it'll piss Tamed off. :D Don't worry, I know Tamed in person and Tamed won't mind. *laughs* Tamed doesn't really do anything on theO anyways Tamed play RO.
btw Tamed doesn't want ppl to know what Tamed's gender is so that's why I'm saying 'Tamed' so much. :O I accidently told some of you though...=.= so if you know




for those who don't know what 1337 means it is pronounced LEET :O spelled it wrong on PS so that you would sorta get it lol and I changed my avi but I still love it :3

mkay that's all cuz I'm being lame and stuff.
I'll ttyl guys! *hugs* :D kay thx byez



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