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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Hidey ho!
Hey guys! How are ya'll?
well, nothing exciting has been happening lately to me. @_@ so boring...

I do have to do an art trade and I have a request and I also want to join a few contests. :P

oh well...

:( I just finished watching Digimon X-Evolution for the second time. I remember when I first watched it I cried a lot. TwT I didn't cry this time but I'm still really sad. I COMMAND YOU GUYS TO WATCH IT!!! :O Even if you haven't watched Digimon before cuz it's not based off of any of the Animes and plus it's all in CG format. But it's probably the most violent of any of the Digimon stuff. It's sorta confusing at first too. but just so you guys will understand it a little more if you guys watch it, the Yggdrasil is the super computer that governs the digital world. Because the Digimon are overpopulating, he uses this X virus to kill the digimon and recreate a new digital world.

D: it's really sad....GO WATCH IT ON YOUTUBE!!!

well anyways, I got tagged by LunaLei(cuz I wanted to. :P). lol so here are 8 more facts!

1. When I was around 5 years old, I put my hand in our tredmill(sp?) while my sister was pushing it with her own power(so it wasn't going that fast). Luckily for me no perniment damage was done. :P
2. After reading Beastly by Alex Flinn, I usually think that someone with a magical mirror is watching my every more. O____o
3. I have issues. :P look at these pics to see what I mean. XD



I drew them with Kasa-chan and her friend(Don't know what to call you. I think it was Kari though. XDD) so the art doesn't completely belong to me but I came up with the idea. XDD And if you think that's bloody, wait until you see the rest of my manga. O.o
4. I rarely study for quizzes and tests. I wing it.
5. My first attempt at a comic was when I was in third grade and it was about puffball people with super natural powers. I might upload some pages on MyO so you guys can see how suckish it was. XD
6. I'm the only person out of over 200 kids at my school that is completely obsessed with anime/manga and that stuff. There are ppl who like it but i'm the only obsessed person.
7. Sports really hate me. :(
8. My real name is Jasmine. :P

Yay, now you guys know some more stuff about me including my real name. :P I don't really care anymore. lol I already told Kasa-chan and I put it on some of my art work as kanji so I was like "Heck, I don't care anymore."

neh...so I tag LunaLei to help her reach a record and I also tag anyone who wants to do this. XP

hmmm....I'm like...really bored....:P eh...I'll go work on a manga page or sketch out some pics.

well, Jaa ne!*hugs* X3 i love you all!

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