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Hola! I'm a 16 year old girl. Music is my life and keeps me sane ((for the most part that is ^_^)) my friends and I will one day end up in therapy and I shall rule the world!! yes, I'm very random :) an I have a myspace! myspace.com/loserville_Dictator
P.S. PM me or IM me if you ever feel like talking I'm always up for a good chat and plz comment when u have free time. ur comments r much appreciated thank u!!
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Friday, March 14, 2008

Today I went on a field trip, I usually hate the stienbeck center but since I went with my friends...it was fun! we had fun messing around and causing chaos! there is an old car there, one of those really old fashion cars and we were sitting in it and a friend of mine said, Haha imagin having a drive by in one of these babies! XD ((we've been having ALOT of those lately, more then the usual shootings)) Then we caused chaos in the boat, pony, and other exhibits! it was lots of fun
then we went to the college in Monterey. there I ran into a girl whom use to lead the group last year. I said hi to the former leader. It was good to see her. The class had lunch at the college, some of us went into the cafetirea and the some of the kids were playing super smash brothers brawl! I wanted to play! XD haha I haven;t played today ;_;
During the lecture, some of the presentations were cool but the others were boring, so during those me and my friend played hang man using song lyrics. We noticed that they mispelled "Technology" on the board, they wrote "Technoloy" haha..and its college...
Had guitar class..skipped the first half hour to watch my school participate in the swim meet, apparently being held at the community college back in our city. they were losing, but I think they did good. after conditioning over the summer I might joing them.

Much Love

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Thursday, March 13, 2008

So today I took the second part of my Highschool exit exam. The math portion, began at nine, ended at 1:14. wow that was extreamly boring might I say. but those of use who finished early were allowed in the garden,((my bio class has a back exit to a privet closed gated garden)) so that was nice. Eh..no fun stories about lunch today, I was just bored, tired and again easily irritable and angry.
I left school early to see a neurologist ((doc who studies your brain and nerves if you don;t know)) my physican sent me to see for my migrains. He is doubling my dose of Topamax, usually I take one, now he wants me to take two, then next week 3, and then the week after that 4. He also has me trying out two new meds. He is also sending me to physical therapy for some muscles by my neck to reduce my migrains, along with sending me to a lab for blood testing and a hospital for an MRI. THEN after all that i have to go back and see him and possibly get a new list of things to do...my current one doesn't sound like fun..I don't want an MRI.
*sigh* so yeah that was my day for the most part and thats my agenda for the near future. OH I have a field trip tomorrow..but not a fun one. To the John Stienbeck center ((oh how I hate that man)) but its better the history with my pervert of a teacher right?

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Much Love

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