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Saturday, November 3, 2007

Contest Winners!
Okay...I really liked all the entries I got, and I actually had a friend help me pass judgement.
I changed it to catagories; Romance and Comedy
Yes there are separate catagories...meaning there is a prize for the separate ones.

1st: ~Naughty-Dog-Girl
2nd: ~niltac

1st: ~MaliciousButtrfly
2nd: ~Yay Izumi AND ~momo and kiro (Ha ha! Ties!)

and the person who managaed to combine both catagories;

Romance And Comedy:
1st: lazyweird1

Thank you all for participating! I will be awaiting your requests for your prizes.

Remember: 1st place get a picture of whatever they want colored however they want

2nd place gets a picture of whatever they want, uncolored, but shaded if they want it.

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