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Saturday, January 27, 2007

AEGFF Chapter 37!!!!
YAY! I actually did one of the ficcies this week! CONGRATULATE ME! >w< Anyway, I'll be putting up the epilogue to Bizarre Love Triangle next week, unless I do it later tonight. Anyway, enjoi!

WARNING: There's a little scene involving a bit of extreme intimacy (NO SEX THOUGH! I'm not THAT creepy.), but it's important, so endure it and read through, sneetches! >_<;;

Chapter 37

The mood at Max’s dorm was much different from that of the Bean Scene; Max and Roxanne had entered kissing passionately, not caring that Bobby and P.J. might have been present. Fortunately, they weren’t in the room, leaving them alone to do as they pleased. Roxanne broke the kiss briefly in order to slip a sock she’d found on the floor onto the doorknob. After that, she locked the door and leapt on Max again, wrestling him onto his bed. He returned the kiss willingly, although something was nagging at the back of his mind.

“Do you think Tera will be okay?” Max gasped in between the kiss, “she looked really upset.” Roxanne looked slightly angry, but smiled and sat down next to her boyfriend, whose shirt was lifted up to his chest. He pulled it down and sat up next to her, leaning back against the wall.

“Don’t worry about her, she’s tough. Besides, she had it coming; who harbors feelings for someone for six years anyway?” Roxanne asked rhetorically, before kissing Max again. He returned the kiss, the nagging feeling he knew was guilt still tugging insistently on his brain. This wasn’t right. He didn’t have feelings for Roxanne anymore. They’d all gone to another. It was because of her feelings that he didn’t break it off; she was obviously still crazy about him. However, when she slipped his shirt off, he had to stop. Giving her a gentle push, he got her to back off, gasping for breath from the kiss once again.

“I… I’m sorry, Roxanne… this just isn’t right.”

“Oh, don’t be silly. I’ve already got the sock on the door.” Roxanne grinned and advanced upon him again, although he backed away from her.

“Roxanne… I dunno… this just isn’t right. You’ve changed… you’d never treat one of your friends like that.” Max said, pulling his shirt back on, “I’m sorry… but it’s over.” He stood up and walked over to the door. Roxanne looked at him dumbly, obviously surprised by his actions. Then she glared and laughed at him, leaning over the edge of Max’s bed.

“You’re dumping me? Because I didn’t defend my friend? Are you challenged? No guy turns down sex! Get back here!” Roxanne shouted, looking at her officially ex-boyfriend as though he was insane. He just shook his head and walked out the door, tossing the sock back into the room. Roxanne stared daggers after him for a moment, before she smiled weakly and lay back on his bed. She’d done the right thing, even though it had destroyed Max’s opinion of her.


His first idea was to go check with Joyce. Tera probably would already have been back in her dorm room, so it was a good first step. Of course, when Joyce answered the door, it was immediately slammed in Max’s face, leaving him standing at the doorstep. After a few minutes of begging, she opened the door and let him in. She had figured out he wanted to set things right, and cleared off a spot for him on Tera’s bed.

“She’s not here, you know.” Joyce grumbled, crossing her arms, “you really hurt her, you know.” Max nodded and explained what had happened, why he’d even yelled at her in the first place. He was glad that Joyce was actually listening; he was actually expecting her to cut him off and kick him out, but she didn’t (thankfully). When he was finished, she was actually grinning, the expression having a smug appearance.

“You like her, don’t you?” Joyce giggled, “she’ll be happy to hear it if you can find her.”

“What do you mean?” Max asked, looking puzzled at the redhead.

“Tera turned off her cell phone, and she told me she wasn’t coming back to the dorm.” Joyce said sadly, “I think you’ll have to ask the dean about her tomorrow; she made it sound like she was leaving college. If that doesn’t work, talk to her sisters. You know, the hot hairdressers.” She giggled again, despite looking upset seconds ago. Max nodded and thanked her, before heading back to his dorm room. Tera was leaving? Had he really hurt her that badly? Sighing, he found his room uninhabited, flopping sadly onto his bed.

“Oh Tera… I’m so sorry.” Max sniffled, hardly surprised to feel a tear falling down his face. He gripped the blankets tightly, wishing he could go out and search for Tera right then. Of course, he had no idea where to begin, and only had gotten vague leads from Joyce. Wiping his eyes, he forced himself to rest, although he knew sleep wouldn’t come any time soon. Guilt and sadness would torment him for a little while longer.

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