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Tuesday, January 2, 2007

   Hello/New Year
Omg i just looked at when i last posted and i'm sooooo sorry i haven't been on for a while!! *sob* i've been caught up with so much uni stuff at the mo - oh which, by the way, i'm going to be putting all my 2D animations i've done onto otaku, YEY. You'll be the first to preview my amazing animated Flour Bag!

It was a project we had to do where the bag would fall from the top and land, but then you had to animate him/her off screen in any way you wanted - so mine does a starjump, skips, sees its cut itself and runs off in a blind panic whilst the flour runs everywhere, poor flour bag lol but i'm currently through my project of redesigning Rapunzel - she's more gothic lolita in mine and i have to write the script, story board and character turn arounds yey, i'll be putting the pics up soon too (^^)

yea so i'm really sorry for not being here. Oh and keep an eye out for the new Comic Contest comming soon!!!

**~~Happy New Year everyone~~**


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