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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

   Samurai Champloo!!!
New theme: Samurai Champloo (woot)

Ok in case you haven't noticed i have a new love in my life - its called Samurai Champloo...and it rocks!!!

And the great thing about it, is the fact its out over here on dvd woooohT!

I think the art in it is incredible and i love the story lines, not to mention the amazing music. I never would have guessed putting funky rap music to samurai's would work soooooo frikin well! lol
also, the subbed version is waaaaaaaay way way wayyyy - i cant emphasise how much better the japanese version is to the american subbed, chant with me people - Dubbed is better than Subbed

so i urge you *inhails deep breath* WATCH SAMURAI CHAMPLOO, and i'll give you a cookie ^^


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