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Saturday, October 14, 2006

   Posh Rock Club/RAMEN!!!
OMG i went to this amazing rock club last night called the CornerHouse and it was ace, it looked like a dark, gothic hotel lobby, it was POSH!
Bullets and Octane were playing there too, they were good.

Yeah so for my most amazing discovery - Ramen is the greates noodle ever!!!! There's a really cheap Japanese resturant near my uni called Etsuko and the food there is to die for. I had chicken stir fried ramen, with a hot and sour soup and ebi tempura (deep fried shrimp), it was sooooooooooooooooooooooo good!!!

OOOH that's another thing, are you ready. drum roll please *d'rum d'rum d'rum*
i can't wait, i'm goin with my best mate loz and her bro and sam. Its gonna kick ass!

i'm also goin to a cosplay convention up in glasgow at the end of November - YEY. so i need lots of idea as who to go as, if all else fails i might go as Anko from Naruto cos i've got spiky hair ^^

i'm also thinking of putting a new Comic Contest on soon as well - hell yea! *hands out giant marshmallows*

well love you loads


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