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Sunday, October 8, 2006

   Oh my word....
Hi guys long time no see !!!

Sorry i haven't been on for so long, gah, i've missed you guys!

I've basically been getting everything sorted for uni, for two week ago today, i moved into my student digs!!!! I'M A UNI STUDENT!!!!!
And it kicks sooooo much arse i sware lol

Well i'm an official animation student here in chilly Teesside (some god-forsaken city in the middle of Middlesbrough, North-east England) lol. The course is fab, i have such lessons like:
* History of Moving Pictures
* Concept Design
* Proffesional Studies
* Drawing and Composition
* Animation Principles (which is run by two nutters! lol)
* Introductary to 3D Animation

I've also joined the Ani-Com Society which is animation and comics and we're all frikin' nuts!!! lmao
Also, thanks to a hefty sum by the government (something they're actually good for), my manga and anime collection had tripled lmao O_____o

Got to have an early night for once cos i have an early start tommorow ^^, so i will do my best to check your sites, yey!

love you loads xoxoxoxoxoxoxox


P.S. I'm tooootally bumming DearS at the mo lol, let me know how the new layout is - ta!

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