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Thursday, May 10, 2007

   Oh god the effort!
Mood: slightly enraged/tired - just got up
Time: 12:10pm UK time
Eating: twill be cheerios yummay
Drinking: Tropicana Tropical Juice
Feeling: Ill due to immense pollen count this morning so my hayfever's through the roof ()


i've basically spent the last week trying to get my animation finished - what took 15 HOURS only turned out to be 6 seconds of footage

OH GOD! my hand is killing me

oh yeah, it had to be around 10 seconds, 2D HAND FECKING DRAWN animation on a nursury rhyme...*pants*

so i'm glad i've got that finished, oh and don't get me started on my 3D animation stoof O_____o

yey the only thing keeping me sane is my Concept Design which is my fave module at uni cos i get to draw pweety characters and shite, that and stuff for deviantart *whoot*

hope everyones alreet


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