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Monday, May 7, 2007

   Hello, Long time no speaky...
hello from the desk of Frescofairy

Sorry i havn't been on for a while, a lot has happened in the time i've been away i'm afraid - university just got harder ()

I hope everybody is good and ok and stoof. Been watching lots of anime and reading lots of manga so i haven't forgotten you guys *hugs*
I'm so into Fruits Baskets at the mo - the manga though not anime = i love Haru, he's so cool. *moo* Also a BIG Hellsing fan now, i think its one of the few dubs that actually have decent voices, that and tenchi.

Been working on my animations - i've got to hand in a 10 second version of Little Bo Peep...and her stoned sheep (oO) lmaoz
My rapunzel's also coming along nicely although if i ever have to animate her hair, please somebody shoot me in the arm first cos her hair is a nightmare to draw lolz.

Just realised i'm a Senior Otaku whoot!

I'll do my best to come on otaku more cos i miss you guys *hands out uber marshmallows*

huggles and snuggles


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