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Monday, July 5, 2004

well i already told you about the book my freind is writing! i'm gonna write my own book! i've only got two paragraph's of it but, i'm gonna let you guy's see the first two paragraph's of the book! it might change a little in the real book!

Thud. the victum fell dead on the ground. the vampire turned to face it's next victum. the boy stared at the right eye of the vampire. the vampire laghed as it readied it's sword for the attack. the vampire charged at the boy, only to stop to see a wolf in between the two.

the wolf snarled. the vampire suddenly screeched in agony. the vampire jumped and disapeared into the night. the wolf turned to see how the terified boy was doing. then the wolf jumped and dissapeared into the night.the boy looked over his distroyed village and fell asleep at the sound of a crying wolf.

it's not very good right now but, i hope you guys like it so far! i haven't got a name for it yet but, if you guys have any sugestions add a comment! well, talk to you guys later!

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