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Friday, July 2, 2004

   100th visit....
as you can see by the title i have had my 100th visit! i actually got on to tell you guys the story my freind is writing! she's calling it velvet rose well, i thought of the name.... but, she's writing it! i'm gonna illistate it too! it's gonna be a great story! theres gonna be around 35 chapters and it's about a girl who was going to be attacked by a male vampire but, he spares her because he thinks she's to pretty to kill! the vampire is like the cutest guy ever! like a girls dream come true! well, when he spares her, he erases her memory so she won't remember that he's a vampire! well, he starts going to her school and they fall in love and the vampire give the girl a rose that feels like velvet! i don't know there names but, i can't wait til she gets it published! i hope you guys can read it too! well gotta go! see ya!
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