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Saturday, May 20, 2006

   Back && Loving It.

...Glad to be back with friends on the Otaku. Seems like yesterday since I'd private message Venemous Kitsune during social studies, or go on endless tangents about the "random people" with Darke. Good times, good times... It also seems so long ago. I guess that's true, too. I'll update from time to time, and comment sites, too. It's nice to know what's going on with everyone, I suppose.

...I'm also shocked at what has changed. I mean, I just... I come back from time to time anyway, to look at old posts and whatnot and reminisce. It saddens me that I let time go by without getting a few AIMs and MSNs and e-mails... The people that come and go, and change my life on here... I don't want them to go forgotten. I miss some Otakus terribly.

It's good to be posting again...

It somehow feels just right.

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Saturday, June 18, 2005

gee... lots of stuff ^^

current mood: content

listening to: american hi-fi-- the art of losing


hm... let's see... took a math final exam on thursday. i'm pretty sure i'm going to drop out of the honors class, 'cause there are some things that i haven't been grasping. i talked to my guidance counselor, and he wouldn't have to rearrange my schedule for next year b/c there's a regular math class that same period. phew! speaking of schedules for next year, i was completely missing period five, and felt that i could be doing something better with my time. talked to the guidance counselor, and found myself enrolled in a course for designing web pages. fun, AND an easy 'A'. can someone say, "winning combination"?

last night ambi-chan slept over. we studied for the latin proficiency exam, then hung out. i introduced her to final fantasy tactics, we played a little of super smash bros. melee, ddr, went online... lots of great things ^_^ we even baked a cake! but since we were rushed (her dad was picking her up) it kinda fell apart-ish. it had yummy cherry icing and tasted good, though ^^

hope y'all are having a great time, wherever you are. ja ne!! *glomps all*


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Wednesday, June 8, 2005

   man... i started my day a little too early...

current mood: extremely happy

listening to: the killers--somebody told me


i was up at 1:30 this morning, working on an script for english class. our teacher randomly assigned us partners, and although i was with a guy i consider a friend, i was kinda pissed about the arrangement. first off, he's every bit as talented in the department of procrastination as i am. he's even more of a slacker than i am... meaning i ended up doing the whole thing myself. all he did was bring in a couple hats! plus, he got more sleep than me. *mutters* bastard... our script/performance ended up pretty well, though. but i had to wake up early to get to an earth science regents review at 6:50! man... i want sleep... i'm on less than 5 hours, and i enjoy sleep more than the average person.

we practiced for 8th grade graduation today. i was wearing pants that consumed my feet, and they made me trip and fall in front of the grade! me, being me, wasn't embarrassed at all. i just kinda laughed and joked with the t@ng3rt!n3 about how my pants were getting back at me for me plotting to throw them out lol.

when i was talking to my project partner about, well, the project, jon came up to me and hugged me.

jon: (to my partner) i love her.

me: *glances at jon, then continues talking*

jon: *pretends to lick my face* (it was reaallly odd; he was close enough for me to kinda taste his breath and everything!)

me: O.O

serenity: *starts laughing at me due to the fact that she finds the whole thing kinda amuzing*

partner: oookaaayy....

jon: *leaves*

me: *resumes talking to my partner*

...life is never exactly boring when you're a married woman, i suppose... still don't know why i married him, though.

i admit it; i have a tendency to completely obsess over things. drawing a certain someone who doesn't really know me that well is one of them. i have been restrained by my good friends from asking his permission to draw him, for my own good, of course (they don't ALWAYS enjoy me making an 455 of myself) in the past. i have had dreams where the entire plot is me trying to get his permission to draw him, with ambi trying to help me on my quest. he never hears my request to draw him, although he does hear ambi. only problem is, he thinks she's a whack-job and walks away. today, my dream has come true... after days of strategically placing myself at lunch tables in order to get a good view of him, my dream has come true... HE HAS GIVEN ME PERMISSION TO DRAW HIM!!!!

me: uh... i don't wanna come across as weird, or a stalker, or anything, but would you mind if i drew you sometime?

him: (WITHOUT fear, questioning, or sarcasm) sure.

i was jumping up and down for joy!! i truly was ^^ i ran around in the hallways, yelling, "HE SAID YES! HE SAID YES!" and a bunch of people thought i had asked someone out, and that they had agreed. but that truly made my day ^_^

i probably have something to do. mind as well figure out what it is before it gets too late; i intend on catching up on my sleep! ja ne ^^ *glomps everyone*

***note: i'm now on aim! oh yeah!! my name is fox incarnate (someone had already chosen the name kitsuneincarnate; come on! that is sooooo MY name!!) hopefully i can chat with y'all who're on aol***

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Sunday, June 5, 2005

   yesterday... all my troubles seemed so far away... *bursts into song* man i love the beatles ^^

current mood: ???

listening to: greenday--american idiot


yesterday was... eventful. there was a street fair at our town. hung out with nicole and jenna, but saw a TON of familiar faces. went without any shoes, and stepped in gum within shortly after arriving there. jenna and i got these plastic katanas and were reenacting a scene from "monty python and the holy grail" (the one where king arthur fights the black knight). she was the black knight, and i was arthur. it was really funny. i bought a pin that said "my next husband will be NORMAL", due to the fact that all of my fiances have been total weirdos. (it's not me being critical; it's a proven fact. two of the GOOD ones have asked me to pull their finger on several occasions. the rest were just... bleh... except for one. but i can't marry him, 'cause i reeeaaallly want him to be my older brother ^^) we went back to nicole's house and hung out until it was time for sam's birthday party. it was a LOT of fun. my hat's off to you, sam, for throwing a kick-455 party! *tips imaginary hat* w00T w00T!! the whole backyard provided much amusement. add that to truth-or-dare (which later turned into dare-or-double dare, due to the fact that no one picked truth) and you've got something dangerous. there was air-humping, grinding, kissing, licking, lap dances, gate-screwing, etc. involved with the dares. there was a lot of twisted love shapes (they weren't even triangles; it was just a whole mess of "cheating" on each other with me, izzy, tsuki, serenity, stef, and ayan lol) and there was a beautiful guy. i don't deny beauty, but i'm not so shallow as to fall for someone due to their looks. i made sure he was quite aware of his beauty. i met a guy there who has basically the same eyeglass prescription as me. it was strage, 'cause there aren't that many people who have eyes as bad as mine ^^ (note: i'm DEFINITELY getting contact lenses soon!!) i'm in pain from flying off one of those spin-a-ma-jigs (you stand on them and someone spins you around). there was a lot of "if i had a quarter for every time i heard that..." throughout the day. oh; i changed my e-mail address. it's now ddr_junkie@att.net. i'm also trying to convince my dad to let me create an aim account so i can talk to y'all.

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Friday, June 3, 2005

   meh... soooo long since i last posted... gomen!

current mood: um... i've got a headache/i'm tired

what i'm listening to right now: les miserables soundtrack

a whole lot has transpired since i've posted. for instance, today there was an awards ceremony at our school. i was sooooo proud of everyone!!! they took us all to see "madagascar", which was okay. my only problem was that i had a major migrane afterward. i think it had to do with going out into sunlight after two hours of bright color against darkness. (curse you, sun!! *shakes fist*) i'm not much of a movie person, to begin with, actually. there are some people willing to tie me up and force me to watch movies... broaden my horizons... yeah. uh-huh.

~chorus~ there was a chorus concert a week or so ago. serenity and i sang the male vocal, cause apart from atsuko-san and darth, very few guys in chorus give a rat's rear about singing/giving any effort. during a practice session i swore loudly in the song "mama, a rainbow" (which is supposed to be really pretty and loving). it was 'cause at one point i was basically the only one holding out a certain note. it's been established that i have a mild case of tourette syndrome lol (no offense to anyone w/ it or knows someone who does). during the actual concert jon kept talking, uttering phrases including "my crotch area is hot", "i have to fart", and "yell out 'damn it' right now!" i'm not quite sure why i "married" him... *sigh*

~marriage~ chris was sitting at our lunch table for some odd reason, striking up conversations regarding the topics of grinding and sex (what fun! not). ambi and i wanted to stay out of the conversation, and jon eventually came from his lunch table and joined us. we moved to another table and jon dubbed it "urbania city of sin" lol. it was an established community, with jon as mayor. danielle was sworn in afterward, cause she joined us later. serenity came, too. we discussed spherical waffles (with syrup on the inside! yum ^^). serenity was dubbed a priest and married me to jon.

serenity: do you take jon to be your husband?

me: of course!

serenity: do you take rini to be your wife?

jon: sure

serenity: does anyone object?

me: no one objects!

jon: *offers me gum*

serenity: you may now give the bride a piece of gum

...what an odd little ceremony. now i'm considering a divorce, though.

~new members~

i have to officially welcome new members of the little people club, l*i*h*t, and the ddr fan club. here goes:

links lil faerie--l*i*h*t

pharoh yami--ddr fan club

zakku--little people club/ ddr fan club

~new roc~

went to new roc on saturday. here's a math equation for y'all: the way my hair dried after i took a shower + the clothes i was wearing = me looking eerily similar to this guy named max. i had my head down at one point, since we were outside waiting for nicole's mom and it was cold and windy, making me look MORE like him.

jenna: you look like a guy

me: i know

jenna: if you pretended to be a guy and broke up with me, maybe a guy would feel sorry for me and ask me out

..::note-- she was just joking::..

me: okay. *stands up* that's it, i've had it. i can't be with you any longer. it's not me, it's YOU!

...shows just how much shame i have in public. i felt no embarassment whatsoever doing this. sadly, no guys picked jenna up that day lol


i'd mention everything worth mentioning that happened recently, except for the fact that i'd take up WAAAAY too much of your time. thank you for visiting and caring ^^ *glomps* cy'all!


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Saturday, May 21, 2005

   uh... um... *insert interesting subject title here*

ello ^_^

sorry it's been a while... *bows profusely* yesterday was the--*insert dramatic music here* dinner dance!!! it was great except for one minor(?) thing... we all danced (even those who claim they don't dance *cough* atsuko-san *cough cough*) our parents were like a freaking paparazzi, SNAP! FLASH! *insert blinding light here* again and again and again. actually let nicole's mom put makeup on me... (that was, like, a one-shot deal.) don't want to bore y'all with minor details and whatnot. happy saturday to all!! *glomps*

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Thursday, May 12, 2005

   careers in art

our school has this program-thingy dealing with workshops for... guess what? *points to post subject* a percentage of the lamewads who sign don't show up, taking up spaces for people who actually WANT to go. anywho, you're only supposed to sign up for one, but in the inevitable case of participants not exactly participating, random people can take part in it. (no, darke, not the evil ones!!

random person: we're not evil! we're just misunderstood!!!

me: misunderstand THIS!!!! *pulls out bazooka* MWAHAHAHA FEAR ME XD *blows random person to pieces*)

...wait, i had a point? oh, yeah... i got to be a GOOD kind of random person. made a guitar-pick necklace. i painted it like a yin-yang at first. went through hell and back again trying to maintain the design, which kept getting screwed up, for one reason or another. ended up scraping all the paint off, so it's all blue and pretty ^_^

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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

   look at me!! i'm sooo pretty!! ^_^

well, my hands at least!! our history teacher wasn't here today. since our class has a tendency to goof off whenever there's a substitute, that's basically what we did. serenity and zelda were bored (i don't blame them... c'mon, we were doing nothing but highlighting notes and outlining information!) so they began drawing on my hands with highlighter. i feel so decorated!! my hands are neon-pink and neon-orange blotches lol... plus there's the russian that george wrote in pen... it was fun ^_^

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Saturday, May 7, 2005

behold... a week of my life...

i finally finshed my "i'm sorry for almost calling you a man-whore" card for colin. it looked pretty nice in the end... i wanted to keep it ^^ but i gave it to him this morning. why did i almost call him a man-whore? it all goes back to monday afternoon... *starts looking all nostalgic* (skip this next dialogue if you already know!)

me: *starts spazzing out b/c my shirt (part of my costume in drama) had finally revealed itslef after many minutes of hiding*

colin: you should take a chill pill. a really big one.

atsuko-san: like a chill-laxative

.:moments later:.

colin: *dives into costume rack, not very "chillish" at all, mind you*

me: and you say I need a chill pill?

*colin kinda looks annoyed*

me: hey, at least i didn't call you a man-whore!!

jon: you're a man-whore!!

me: only on weekends

random person (not the one in my head, darke ^^): he just called you a chicken-whore!! ('cause i had been playing with a singing chicken earlier)


speaking of chicken-whore, those of you who know me personally have witnessed me randomly burst into song and dance, ne? well, i took a shower when i got home from drama, in the upstairs bathroom. (this bathroom's shower hates me with a passion, you can bet your boots on it! will go into that later.) i started making up a song with really crappy lyrics on the spot, but it's not as if i put any thought at all into it. i mean, i don't even sing on purpose 96% of the time. the chorus went something like this:

i'm not a chicken-whore
i'm not a chicken-whore
i'm not a chicken-whore
what would i do a chicken for?

utterly bizzare, even for my standards... but i DID sing it unintentionally. now here is some evidence supporting the fact that my upstairs shower hates me:

me: la-la-la *turns on shower* aaack!! too cold!!! *turns on cold water* eeek!!! way too hot!!! *turns on hot water* *knob for hot water falls off leaving me scalding* *tries to escape hot water* *literally slips and falls* *manages to get out alive, but shaking*

it did that on purpose! on purpose, i tell you!!


writing contest-thingy with t@ng3rt!n3. we didn't do so well.... meh. (i think the other schools cheated but SHH! don't tell anyone ~_^) but see, now we're out for blood! next year we'll get 'em! YEAH!!


drama club performed "fools" last night. came out really great. it's kind of depressing, though, when it's finally over. that was the last middle school performance. the high school plays are SO much harder to get into! plus the chibi sixth graders will no longer be with us for another few years... *sigh* i'll miss my husband(s)... celebrated afterward w/ serenity, nicole, and jenna. hung out by haggen daaz... "your mom" played a large role in the conversation.

"your mom's a man-whore!"

"your mom's getting technical on my @55!!"

and so on, and so forth.


slept over at nicole's house last night (along with jenna. big surprise.) went to sleep relatively early for a sleepover (a lot of my adrenaline had drained out due the play + previous excitement) but we still laughed hysterically over "chicken run". (it's kind of an inside joke... i'd explain if it could, but the truth is, i'm on the inside and i STILL don't really get it ^^)


my parents are getting a little more lenient when it comes to me getting on the comp... triple w00t!! hold on... wait for it... here we go...

w00T w00T w00T!!!!!!

(now there's the triple w00T i promised ^_^)

will resume visiting y'all. hope you guys like the new theme!

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(yeah, darke!! ^^ w00T w00T!!!)

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Sunday, May 1, 2005

   i'm sorry...

yeah... report cards came in... i went down in all the high school courses, yet maintained the same or got better in the middle school courses. my parents were kind of peeved. don't get me wrong; they are proud of whatever grade i get, as long as i've tried. the problem? i could do better, and they've attributed my slipping grades to too much time on the comp. translation? i will only get on when i'm really lucky, or at school... *sigh* will visit you guys when i can, though!!

friday was the last friday nite live (middle school dance) for the school year. it's techically the last one for me and my friends, because next year we're gonna be in high school. it bothers me that they only thought of setting up ddr for that one. that makes *starts counting on fingers* a whole bunch of friday nite lives WITHOUT ddr!!! had fun proposing marriage to nick and stealing his hat ^^

felt like crap for a while, cause i wanted to play one round with ambi-chan, and susan needed me to call her dad for her and PRETEND to be her so that he wouldn't yell at her. if he yelled at me, i wouldn't feel half as bad. see, she forgot to tell him that she would be at the friday nite live. i didn't mind doing that for her (he didn't yell, just sounded concerned, by the way), but it always hurts me when i feel that i've disappointed ambi. after she seemed okay, i got better, and ended up spending the night over nicole's house, along with jenna. we were on the phone with kaizuki and two of his friends, who, coincidentally, were sleeping over his house.

changed the layout to phantom of the opera, mostly because the song "think of me" was stuck in my head, and i wanted to get it out somehow. right now i'm listening to the les miserables soundtrack. still pissed that my book is gone and i can't read it.

had to say a lot, mostly 'cause i never know when i will or will not be able to get on. cya whenver possible.

ja ne =^_^=

.:You live your life: ~innocently~:.
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