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Saturday, December 30, 2006

STILL DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Um...i think i will use both because i love them both! lol
but i don't know that would be confusing!
WHICH SITE!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHH!!! its not that big of a deal, but i like the stupid drama!
well, while this sites post is complaing and absoulty about nothing, the other one actually has the a post worth reading! XD
~see ya space samurai!~

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Thursday, December 28, 2006

IM BACK!! ...and then im gone
Well it has been awhile! SORRY!!!!!!!! I forgot my password to this site, and being an idiot that i am i forgot the email that came with it! *sob*
So i made a new site, SushiSamurai! I think i might just stay with that one, or use both, because i love this site (it did so well) But i like the other too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
~see ya space samurai!~

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Sunday, December 10, 2006

OHHHH How i hate school
I don't feel like going to school tommorow, i just want it to be christmas break already!!! *sob*
Well there is not much else to talk about, except that my dad got the pirates of the carribean for us.
im off to go eat, and watch the rest of primetime(mom recored it for me) North Korea behind the shadows. Did you know that they don't have internet, alot of them don't have cars, and they hate America(on some points i can see why they hate us. T_T)
~see ya space samurais!!~

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Saturday, December 9, 2006

Stupid thing!
Well i changed my theme, to Tetsu. Of course of all the pics i found were from a little while back! But hes still cute, as far as i can remember! lol
The Fricken scroll bar, gose over my avavtar, but i don't really care, so yeah. T_T
Just amazed i figured all that out! Pain in the butt, took me and hour or so, because i kept messing up, and then wanted to add more. *sigh*
Well i hope you guys like it!
~see ya space samurai!~

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Thursday, December 7, 2006

   *Ahem* We now present the members of the National Honor Society.
yep, thats what my two last periods were spent listening to. T_T Not to mention my death day is tommorow, we have square danceing tommorow! What the frick dose that have to do with gym!? IT IS NOT FUN!!!!!! maybe it would be a little more fun, if we didn't have to dance, and sat in a square! YAY!!!
sorry, im a little mad because of that dread of square danceing looming over my head! grrrrrrrrr
Now im off to download some more of Gackt! *YAY!!!!*
~See ya space samurai!~

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Monday, December 4, 2006

GAY!!! O_O
could of told me that! lol
Hmph, i suspected it by the werid clothes, but gosh! GAY!?! not that i have anything against gay guys! Heck no, most gay guys are Hot! *sob* Why do they have to love eachother! lol
yeah...well...yep, yep...
I need some toast. T_T
~see ya space samurais!~

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Sunday, December 3, 2006

Part two of rolling change
Im finished with rolling change, and its off to get some manga!! YAY!!!! I don't know if i'll get Loveless, as i just remember, thanks to otakufvr reminding me in the comment the other day, what gener it was. *sigh*
im to tired to contiue to write about my boring life, go on with out me! lol
*falls asleep*
~see ya space samurai!~

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Saturday, December 2, 2006

Roll change
So my dad awhile back got a suround sound system and a LCD flat screen TV, and i still haven't gotten a chance to watch Spirted away or FF7AC on it! GRRRR but i listen to Antic Cafe in on the suround sound system!! IT WAS SO AWSOME!!!! i went anywhere in the house and i could hear it. But i turned it down quickly because i didn't want the neighbors to get mad. *heh heh heh* But it was hilarious to listen to Miku's Dondald Duck song blaring in suround sound! lol
Well i have to go help my brother roll change!
I actually like to roll change, not because i like money, but because its fun, i get to spend some time with my older brother! YAY!!
Then im off to write some more in my book!
Oh and in school next week we start Square danceing. Three weeks of square danceing, ughhhhh. Worst part is my gym class has a bunch of seniors, i don't know anyone in 12th, neither do i know any guys that in a higher grade then mine. *sigh* im going to die...
Curent mood:

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~see ya space samurais!~

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Friday, December 1, 2006

   .....................................................................I like dots!
Dose anyone else like dots? :) I do!
*stares at the dots* ummmm...as you can see i have nothing to talk about.
OH WAIT YES I DO!!!!!!!!!!! Im reading a new manga called KamiKaze Kaito Jeanne? (i hope i spelled that right) It reminds me a lot of DN Angel, well maybe not alot, but its simular.Then im thinking of getting a new manga called Loveless. Anyone know if its any good. If not im getting the 11th volume of DN Angel and the third volume of KAMIKAZE(its not kaito Jeanne series)
~see ya space samurai!~

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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

OH!!! O_O did i do that? Opse XD
Sooo yeah, school. thats all i can say about school at the moment it was another boring day. OHHH!!! i hate you justin! all thanks to you i can not get enough of Antic Cafe!
So i gusse im getting a Ipod Nano fro christmas... T_T I don't know if i want a red one or a black one. *panics* Maybe i should get a sliver one so i can put covers over it and such! Im going to miss my walkman cd player. For $50, it sure is a great one, the sound for it is amazing and i droped the thing three times and it still works fine, not even a scratch. WOW!!! BE IN AW!
well im bored...*gose off to watch Miku danceing*

Thats Asian Kung Fu Generation for those who did not know! I love the lead singer's face (Masafumi)after the girl gets attacked by the lobster! lol
~see ya space samurais!~

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