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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

   old story but new to u
ok guys i will be on for a long time tomorrow so i might put me storys first chapter up! don't worry u won't b disapoinnted!!

any way the story is called "fate is cruel" and it tells a story about 2 bros any thier is no way u can guys the ending to this one i told it to devil child it over the phone and she didn't get it until the end of the last chapter! so get rdy kitties for "fate is cruel"

no what would really be funny if the story really sucked! not like sucked but like a mokey ball sucker sucks! u get it? well the only bad part about the story could be my shitty spelling! well other then that oo and it is short. so its not really a story it more of a long sort story. u get it? any way just wait until tomorrow! oo and a other reson it might suck that it well take me so long to post the other chapters. since i am grounded and all! lol

well i wish all of u the best of luck and a good summer (whatever summer u got left)


(((((((forgotten hero))))))))

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