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Sunday, April 3, 2005

ok some of u might be thinking "wounder where forgotten hero is? is he dead?"
NOPE!! i'm alive (damn shame eh?)
any way just grounded from the computer until the end of the school year!! which sucks MONKEY BALLS!!! i'll try my best to be on ever time i can be when i'm not on street fighter on my xanga or talk to my girl friend lol
ooo that poem early my friend wrote that or so he says....(don don don) lol
dang i have so much to tell ya'll but so little time i've bean a spaZ lately lol and i unno why!!!
HWLP ME!!! (falls on floor and spaZ out) ok back lol
well i'll see ya'll next time i'm on please don't take me off ur friends list!!!
i tell u once i can get on i will and i will check out all of ur site!!!
now its time for me to say good bye! (or is it?? nope it's time for me to say goo bye lol)


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