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Friday, July 27, 2007

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Otakon was amazing!
soo much fun hehe
people loved our cosplay and I got to meet Maki Murakami!!!
the creator of gravitation!!!!
She called me sexy!!!!!!
and she signed my gravitation EX book!!!
Aw Murakami is soo cute!
she has and adorable accent,
to bad she didnt know english,
so she had a translator.
But O well.
haha yup the second I walked up to her she was like "Oooh Sexiii"

Oooo and I met Ed and Als voice actors, Vic is such a sweetie and aaron..O.O He is HOTT!!!
I was like in a daze, gretchen had to walk me up there and and he hugged meeeeee!!!!!
and I got my picture with him and aaron.
I was so shy lol and I tiold him how mel our lust left us lol
he was like
"a lust? aww I wouldve loved to meet her"
mel you missed out
yup and the Ed cosplayer got gretchen she was our winry to sing the cupycake song lol shes on youtube haha

Oooo btw it turns out yaoi press doesnt check for I.d....MUAHA!!
I bought:
Anima Mundi The Dark Alchemist,
Little Butterfly 1 2&3,
Othello (the June manga othello peoples!! xD)
hehe the first two were 18+ and the lady actually recommended them she was like "OMG YOU HAVE TO GET THIS!!!
but Im really a soft and fluffy person.

Ooo and I did get one of the Gravitation Remixes,
and an EdXEnvy Doujinshi
and lotsa other stuffs.

people thought we were 19
and we gt hit on by this really hot asian guy,he was gorgeous!!

me and mel were dressed in lolita but it turns out I was actually Lillith from Animmundi
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which I am currently obsessed with its such a great game!!!
and has YAOI!!!

hehe Ill be posting other pics eventually but this was meee
after the dealors room closed our group went downstairs and just took pictures and acted like retards
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you see the my badge
that right there was siigned by Vic and Aaron
I will cherish it forever!!!
lol me and mels pictures were taken like every 5 seconds I got tired of posing. XD
Everyone said we were really cute!!
we met maaany interesting people at otakon.
and I got lotsa J-rock stuff and I finally got some of Rentrer En Soi's CD's yay!!
and a new yaoi purse and tons of pins!!
the artsts at artist alley amazed me!!
I got lotsa art too!
and got them all signed hehe.

Oh! I met Kokkoii Matoku too!
shes so awesome!!
sadly I didnt see Timby-chan =[
but oh well maybe next year!
anyway next year well be doing kingdom hearts and tokyo mew mew!
leave a comment if you dare!!!

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